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Every true skin has a story.

Why us:

Are you looking for professional treatments for your skin along with high-quality cosmetics and, at the same time, want to treat yourself? Today’s busy life often takes its toll on our skin. The lifestyle and the environment in which we find ourselves significantly impact our health. In our salon, we offer treatments with high-quality Slovak and French cosmetics, professional equipment and a pro-client approach.
Lenka Mikyska

How do we work?

I’ll adapt the treatments to your current skin condition, your needs and your requests.
Among other things, I also offer professional treatments aimed at hydration, brightening, and preventing premature skin ageing. The salon provides skin diagnosis at the first visit, consultation, treatments tailored to skin type and condition, and, if interested, a home routine.

The Salon:

Where to find us? At Radlinského 2803/34A Bratislava. From the Blumentál church head to Račianské mýto for about 500m. Don’t hesitate to reach out via our form below. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Cosmetics I work with


For more than 20 years, SOSkin Paris has been developing skin rejuvenation, cleansing and lightening procedures. It does so based on research aimed at reversing skin ageing processes with the help of natural substances.


Biomatrix is ​​a new generation of skincare products. Products slow down ageing on the cellular level. They restore the skin’s youth and beauty. Biomatrix products combine bio revitalisation and mesotherapy.


BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative Italian peeling that uses two-phase technology. The skin offers bio-stimulating effects at a medical level and an anti-ageing effect with a plumping effect. The treatment provides a mild exfoliation effect that activates collagen synthesis.


md:ceuticals products are sold in more than 40 countries. Clinical studies have shown effectiveness in reversing the visible signs of ageing. These products provide customers with the safest and most effective professional treatment.

The OxyGeneo

The OxyGeneo brand is the best facial treatment brand in Canada. The effects can be observed right after the first treatment. Products are vegan and have never been tested on animals.

Envy Therapy

For ENVY Therapy®, the functionality and purity of the composition, which you can trust, come first. They combine the best that nature has to offer, supported by science. The mainstay is cosmetic products developed by dermatologists, which combine the effect of patented substances and organic raw materials in the purest form. This is also why the philosophy of ENVY Therapy® = CLEAN. With ENVY Therapy®, you will never find silicones, dyes, toxins, mineral oils, parabens, perfumes or GMOs. They know that what they leave out of the products is just as important as what they add.

All products are produced in small batches, are dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, not tested on animals and suitable for sensitive skin.

PB Serum

PB Serum cosmetics are products with medicinal properties, like enzymes of non-animal origin, produced in the laboratories of Proteos Biotech, S.L. Madrid. They are used to treat various skin defects, unevenness and skin rejuvenation.


Scientists make Swiss brand JaluPRO with a patented complex of amino acids, particularly for supporting collagen formation in the skin and against its sagging.


Revofil Aquashine’s unique bio revitalisation products are developed by the South Korean pharmaceutical concern Caregen Co.LTD, based in Seoul. Founded in 2001, the company has researched and sold cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biomimetic peptides and growth factors, and other related products.


The patented technology used in EVY products allows the foam mixture to penetrate through the entire upper layer of the skin. Unique foam composition, specially developed for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologists. EVY foam lasts up to six hours on the skin. It is highly resistant to salt and chlorinated water.

Hydro peptide

This exceptional concept developed by Epigenetic scientists from Hydropeptide appeals to even the most demanding customers. The Hydropeptide brand has won several prestigious awards in Europe, Asia and the USA. Cosmetics are vegan and not tested on animals. The Hydropeptide concept is based on obtaining peptide formulas directly from pure nature.


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